Safaree Flaunts The Jaw-Dropping Gift Erica Mena Gave Him For His Birthday - See The Video

Safaree Flaunts The Jaw-Dropping Gift Erica Mena Gave Him For His Birthday - See The Video
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Safaree shared a video on his social media account in which he's flaunting the amazing watch that his wife gifted him for his birthday. Safaree celebrated his birthday during the past weekend, and he made sure to update fans on social media.

Here's the post that he shared on IG below.

'Thank you to my wife! Still my birthday 🎁 Is this how all the bad bitches feel who get tricked on 😂 1st in the World 1 of 1! 2tone Skeleton 💀 girardperregaux , every1 doing Rolex and Ap so We wanted to switch it up and start something new! Only other person i seen rock GP’s is @cristiano. 💎 Just remember who got it 1st‼️s/0 @edendiamonds @nycluxury @izzyjeweler for the fireworks on the wrist‼️🔥💎About Time We Added Something New In This Watch Game... 1 Of 1 Girard Perregaux 💀 Skeleton Two-Tone All Colorless VVS Diamonds,' Safaree captioned his post and showed off Erica Mena 's gift.

Someone said: 'That’s how people get robbed. It’s a beautiful watch! Just imagine your haters looking😳you never know,' and another follower posted this message: 'Amazing! She definitely knows to make gifts.'

A hater said: 'But who’s money did she use to buy it is the question?! If it’s yours it doesn’t count 🤷🏽‍♀️.'

One other commenter posted this message: 'Beautiful! The streets of gold in heaven will be even more beautiful!'

Not everyone was impressed and some people said that he's flexing too much.

A follower posted this message: 'We are in a pandemic with people losing their jobs and homes and this dude posting diamond out Rolexes to throw in their face while they struggle.'

Someone else wrote: 'Dude you need to humble yourself, you have a child now; grow up.'

In other news, Erica managed to make her fans excited with a new photo that she dropped on her social media account. Safaree also went crazy with joy when he saw this thirst trap.

Safaree  and  Erica  could not be happier these days.

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