Erica Mena And Safaree Publicly Proclaim Their Love For Each Other - See Their Emotional Messages

Erica Mena And Safaree Publicly Proclaim Their Love For Each Other - See Their Emotional Messages
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Safaree celebrated his birthday during the past weekend, and Erica Mena made a lot of effort to see him happy. The two of them flooded their social media accounts with all kinds of racy pics featuring themselves, and fans could not get enough of them.

Check out a message that Safaree made sure to post for his beloved wife.

'I love looking at this woman... I dreamt of you I prayed for you and my life couldn’t be more blessed!! We take pics to for our memories and to let some know they know seeing us but I just love loving you and being loved by you‼️ Thank you so much my wife & Queen! Forever Respected. 📸 @mr_guerra the GOAT of photography,' Safaree captioned his post.

Erica hopped in the comments and responded: 'I love you sooo much ♥️ I will do anything for you.'

A follower said: 'I pray that your union lasts an eternity. I love you both.'

Someone else posted this: '@iamerica_mena you deserve this girl @safaree God bless dreams do come true! ❤️❤️you guys together. God made her for you and vice versa. God bless your happiness and family!'

Another commenter wrote: '@iamerica_mena it’s only a fool that will be jealous of you guys love. I could feel it and I don’t even know you guys personally and that’s to show how genuine the love you both have for each other. God bless you guys and keep you safe.'

Someone else said: 'you are so perfect. We all watched the bs you went through on and off the screen over the past decade and I have to say I was always rooting for you. I wanted you to find happily ever after so bad. I guess because you remind me of myself personality-wise lol happy you two found each other.'

One other follower posted this: 'love this!!!.... This is how you treat each other with love and respect God Bless your family to keep moving and bring a great example of a man loving his wife so. lovely memories.'

In other news, Erica is supporting her hubby like there’s no tomorrow offline and online.

Safaree has new music out , and  Erica  made sure to share a sneak peek to the clip on her social media account.

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