Safaree Has Fans Laughing With This Recent Clip - Check Out What He's Doing On Stage

Safaree Has Fans Laughing With This Recent Clip - Check Out What He's Doing On Stage
Credit: BET

Safaree has fans laughing their hearts out with the recent clip that's floating on social media. Check it out below.

Someone said: 'Lmao damn is this why Nicki didn’t claim him😂' and another commenter posted this: 'Erica said," I'm gone stick beside him".'

One other follower said: 'Erica should do the tik tok where it be like this is your man ? 😂😂' and a folower said: 'One thing about Safareee... he is gonna pop and lock🔥'

Safaree hopped on the comments and said: 'Lmaoooooo who the helll came up with that name ?? 😂😂 I like it tho.'

Another follower said: 'When ya mama tell you “come in the living room and dance for the company”... 🤣'

One follower said: 'If u not from Brooklyn you won’t get it.'

Safaree   just said that he would love to live in Houston. Check out his message and clip here.

'I’m not gonna lie I would live in HOUSTON. the hospitality is amazingggggg! I’m still dreaming of @turkeyleghut Smdh! That is an experience I’ll never forget! This looks like a damn commercial for it 😂🔥🎥 @trust_da_shooter_tv' Safaree said.

Safaree just praised   Erica Mena for Mother's Day. Check out the message that he wrote on his social media account.


''Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful wife. Thank you for giving me our beautiful family. I said so many things joking in the past on scared famous and it all came to reality! Watching you be a super mom everyday taught me to go harder. No 1 knows how hard you hustle but we do. King, myself, Safire and our new baby thank you for the sacrifices you make every day for us. We love and appreciate you beyond the expression of words. Thank you for teaching me how to be a father. My mother doesn’t let me post her on social media, so I can’t post her 😩😩😩😂😂 @iamerica_mena 🌴❤️🌴' Safaree said.

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