Erica Mena Responds To People Who Shade Her Regarding Her Pregnancy

Erica Mena Responds To People Who Shade Her Regarding Her Pregnancy
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Erica Mena us living her best life these days since she's been pregnant with her and Safaree's baby girl. She could not be prouder of her pregnancy, and she made sure to share all kinds of looks on her social media account, showing people that she can definitely slay this pregnancy.

A lot of followers have been shading her, joking that it seems that she's been pregnant forever, and she should give birth alreaday - as if this is her choice when to give birth.

Erica is sick and tired of all these useless comments, and she decided to pen a message on her social media account, in order to address such people.

'I’m 175 lbs. My heartburn is on a 💯 always. My back stays aching. I can no longer sleep laying down completely. I’m still craving soft glazed donuts. I’m getting kicked nonstop by Her. I’m still more comfortable in heels than flats. So yes, if it feels like I been pregnant forever for you - You can’t imagine what it’s been feeling like for me. Fit: @hotmiamistyles,' Erica captioned her post.

Someone commented: 'A whole entire on point pregnancy mood, vibe & situation!!!! Erica teach these girls the game plan!!!!!'

A follower said: 'You've slayed your entire pregnancy. If I could have a do over, I'd loved to be your Who wore it best twin.'

An Instagrammer posted this: 'You rocking pregnancy and the blessing out having your daughter will be well worth the wait! I know she is going to be a doll baby.'

In other news, Erica proudly announced her fans that the movie which she helped produce, and she’s starring in as well is streaming since the past month .

BET’s Sacrifice is also featuring Jordyn Woods as well.

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