Safaree Gets Support From Fans After Receiving Backlash

Safaree Gets Support From Fans After Receiving Backlash

Safaree got backlash from haters who have been calling him 'corny' and other names. As already reported earlier,  Erica Mena  and  Safaree  shared a cute video of themselves  dancing in front of the house  with their baby.

While people should have congratulated the pair for quarantining and being happy together, some people’s comments were not exactly to Erica’s liking. People called her hubby 'corny' or too 'extra' but Erica made sure to comment back.

Anyway, a lot of Safaree's fans are having his back on social media as well.

He shared a photo since he was just a little boy and here's how he captioned it.

'Hope y’all having a good day 🌚🌚🌚 baby stuntboss,' he wrote.

Someone said: 'And for the record Safaree. Your wife was correct, You're not corny. It's just that misery loves company. Continue being Safaree.'

A follower wrote: 'Aww u were a Lil cutie and grew into a handsome man.💕' and one other commenter posted this: 'omg love Safaree ‼️ such a sweetheart.'

One other commenter posted: 'I wonder who the baby looks more like you or Erica 😍' and another person said: 'Aaaaaw @safaree you were so adorable and you still are.'

A follower posted this message: '@safaree 😂 Man You Still Look The Same True Blessing 💪🏾' and another follower said: 'The innocence on his little face. Priceless🙏🏽'

Not too long ago, Safaree told his fans that he made a lot of efforts to have the toned body that he’s flaunting today.

‘Left pic March 2020 Right June** I gotta keep it real. When my wife got pregnant I didn’t realize I got pregnant too. 😩 Thanks for giving me the heads up fellas. I’ve always been big on fitness and so is my wife. Since our pregnancy was high risk I didn’t work out so she didn’t feel left out. Along with that, her cravings became mine. We truly outdid ourselves with what we ate,’ he began his message.

You should check out the pics and the complete message .

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