Kandi Burruss Uplifts Fans With This Prayer

Kandi Burruss Uplifts Fans With This Prayer
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Kandi Burruss decided to uplift her fans on social media and dropped this message. Check out her prayer for everyone else and herself as well.

'Happy Sunday! I’m excited & I feel blessed to see the start of a new week & Im gonna speak it into existence that this week is gonna bring great things, exciting journeys & new blessings! I pray the same for you. Short set from @tagsboutique TagsAtl.com,' Kandi captioned her post.

Tiny Harris said: 'Thank you sis..if u said it it’s gonna happen!'

A follower said: 'Depression is getting the best of me.😫...I'm trying, it's hard tho when it's only me holding shit dwn💯...' and someone else posted this: 'I needed that because my job is something else.'

One other commenter posted: '@kandi Thx for the confirmation 🙌 Are those your "TV" poses...' and someone else said: 'I hope so @kandi rent is due in 2 weeks. Luckily I start a new job next week. It’s been a struggle! Keeping the faith and praying for the best.'

Someone wrote this: 'I need to order mines ASAP before out of stock @kandi,' and one otheer follower said: 'Good morning wishing you a great bless and stay safe enjoy the days while u can with love you are a lovely mom and wife.'

Someone else posted: 'Seen the chi today @kandi .. it was good you are coming into your role nicely.'

In other news, Kandi Burruss  shared a video featuring her daughter,  Riley Burruss just before she goes to college. You should check out what Riley had to say about her mom .

It's also worth noting that the teenage daughter of Kandi  is tired of the comments that she has been getting since unveiling her new nose job to the world.


Riley Burruss recently took to social media, where she posted two new photos of herself smiling and enjoying life.

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