Kandi Burruss Hangs Out With Her Family To Celebrate Legend Aretha Franklin - People Are Praising Her 'Twin' Riley Burruss

Kandi Burruss Hangs Out With Her Family To Celebrate Legend Aretha Franklin - People Are Praising Her 'Twin' Riley Burruss
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Kandi Burruss was out with Todd Tucker, and her beloved daughter Riley Burruss. They were invited to celebrate the legend, Aretha Franklin.

Check out her most recent post to see the gorgeous photos and how she's twinning with her daughter.

'I hung out with some legends while celebrating a legend last night! @clivejdavis & @djd thanks for the invite to celebrate the Queen #ArethaFranklin. Make sure to watch “Aretha! A GRAMMY Celebration For The Queen of Soul” this Sunday night 9 pm on CBS. It was amazing!' Kandi captioned her post.

Someone gushed over her and said 'Kandi you are truly making moves boss moves but this one thing I just don't like about this picture, and that's Clive Davis I have never ever liked him since the day Whitney Houston died.'

Another commenter posted 'You are such a boss! Always thinking ahead! Thank you for being a great representation and staying true to yourself. This is how you create generational wealth! 🙌🏽'

One of Kandi's fans praised Riley and the way Kandi raised her:

'I think it’s so awesome that you have @rileyburruss by your side at all times teaching her how to handle her own!👌🏽 it’s such a blessing for her to have YOU by her side teaching her how to get the 💰, be professional, independent, & never depend on Anyone! I admire you teaching her how to be a strong 💪🏽 lady to handle it on her own! She’ll appreciate you when she’s in this world on her own!! You can sleep peacefully knowing your baby girl is GREAT & always will be!! You’re such as inspiration @kandi I look up to & admire you in so many ways!! I’m gonna keep going till we cross paths! 😉 GodBless You Love You To Life.'

Another supporter 'OMG! Do they realize that they are in a picture with real-life Superstars? @rileyburruss @kandi & @todd167 Riley already looks like an entertainment attorney.'

Other than this, Kandi just found the perfect peach for the next RHOA promo photo.

She posted a pic on Instagram to show it to her fans and followers who were really happy to find out that she has not been fired from the RHOA series like some rumors were claiming a while ago.


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    Pam Mar 6, 2019 11:06 AM PST

    I don't think they meant any human. I think she overreacted.

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