Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Revealed He And Jen Harley Wanted To Have Another Child Before His Arrest

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Revealed He And Jen Harley Wanted To Have Another Child Before His Arrest
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According to a report from Us Magazine, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro recently spoke about having another child to give his 18-month-old daughter more company. In fact, it was a few hours before his arrest on the 4th of October.

The Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star said to Us Weekly at the CBD launch party of VERGE in West Hollywood that he and Jen wanted to spoil their 18-month-old daughter and let her "go crazy" with a sibling. According to the reality star, Jen has another son right now that Ariana can hang around.

As it was previously reported, Ortiz-Magro was arrested today by the LAPD, who confirmed the news in a statement to the aforementioned outlet, Us Weekly. When the police arrived on the scene, they claim he was "uncooperative."

Furthermore, they had to use a taser to subdue him. The police went to an Airbnb they were both staying at, however, the Jersey Shore alum hasn't been "booked yet," the authorities claimed. Fans of the reality star duo know they first met in 2017 and had their daughter in April of 2018.

There's no question that Jen and Ronnie have had a tumultuous and intermittent relationship, considering they have fought a number of times and have split up more than once as well. After their most recent separation, the New Yorker said to Us Magazine that he and Jen were trying to work through their issues.

Speaking with the outlet, Ortiz-Magro stated they're working on their relationship nearly every day. Back in February, Ronnie expressed his love for his daughter and stated it was the number one reason he went into a rehabilitation facility for alcoholism and depression.

Ronnie described Ariana as his "guardian angel," and he does all the good things he does in the world for her. According to Ronnie, he has to remember that he serves as a role model for her, as well as a father, so it's absolutely crucial that he does the right thing so she has someone to look up to as she gets older.


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