Robert Pattinson Stopped To Sign Autographs For Fans In Hollywood And The Video Is Going Viral

Robert Pattinson Stopped To Sign Autographs For Fans In Hollywood And The Video Is Going Viral
Credit: Source: Robert Pattinson/Getty

Robert Pattinson's star meter is on the rise as the actor's new movie High Life just premiered this weekend. The actor was spotted in Hollywood's Arclight Theater and as throngs of fans surrounded him, Robert was gracious and took the time to sign autographs. He's currently receiving accolades for his portrayal of Monte in the Claire Dennis movie High Life .

The film is about convicts who are tricked into a trip to outer space where they have no hope of returning home and undergo a series of experiments as the doctor aboard wants to have a child. The movie is getting high praise and Robert Pattinson is winning acclaim for his role.

Fans were thrilled when the actor took the time to speak to them and sign autographs. They were full of smiles as they took out their cell phones and posed for selfies with the actor. Where some actors tend to avoid the media and fans or get angry if touched, Robert was calm and charming as fans gently tugged on his sleeve asking for photos.

You may see exclusive video footage from X17Online where they filmed the entire fan interaction with Rober Pattinson in the video player below.

Best known for his portrayal as Edward Cullen in the Twilight saga, Pattinson has expanded his career and has encompassed significantly more challenging roles. He served as co-executive producer of the 2010 film Remember Me.

As a musician and singer, he has appeared on multiple movie soundtracks including How to Be, Twilight, The Rover, Damsel, and High Life. 

For How to Be , Robert Pattinson performed the songs "Choking on Dust" and "I'm Doing Fine." In 2008's Twilight , Robert Pattinson wrote, produced, and performed the songs "Never Think" and "Let Me Sign."

Pattinson performed the song "Pretty Girl Rock" for The Rover and "Honeybun" for 2018's Damsel.  He performed the song "Willow" in his film High Life.

Robert Pattinson has four movies in production: The King, The Devil All The Time, Waiting for the Barbarians and The Lighthouse. They are expected to be released in either 2019 or 2020.

What do you think of Robert Pattinson as an actor? Are you going to see High Life?


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