Rihanna Will Have A Museum Dedicated To Her In Barbados

Rihanna Will Have A Museum Dedicated To Her In Barbados
Credit: BET

Rihanna will have her very own museum in Barbados which is currently in the works. The diva will have a museum that's dedicated to her, according to the latest reports coming from The Shade Room.

Rihanna is a global superstar and her influence has been extending all over the world.

TSR writes that her hometown is putting on for her 'as the country’s first female Prime Minister, Mia Amor Mottley, shared news that she plans on creating the museum for Rihanna as she feels she’s a living legend.'

Regarding the subject of the museum, she went on to say: 'We’ve been discussing with her [Rihanna] family – her brother in particular and her management – the need for them to establish a major museum with the government in Westbury Road.'

Someone said, 'I love the fact she doesn’t need to make music to still be relevant. She’s doing bigger things.'

Another follower wrote, 'She came from a small island called Barbados, she deserves it she came from nothing and has created an empire ❤️;

Not everyone was excited about the news and someone asked, 'Where are they're treating her like a God comments!? Or it's only reserved for certain people?'

Another person said, 'Are y’all going to say they worshipping Rihanna in the comments. She is not God. Because y’all love to mention that for Beyoncé.'

In other news, it's been recently reported that Rihanna and Seth Meyers have embarked on a day full of drinking shenanigans that didn't turn out too good.

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