Rihanna Reveals The Beauty Cure For Hangovers In New Year's Day Fenty Ad

Rihanna Reveals The Beauty Cure For Hangovers In New Year's Day Fenty Ad
Credit: Source: Fenty Beauty/Instagram

Rihanna has a special message for those who are suffering the after-effects of a night of celebrating and welcoming in the New Year. In a new advertisement for Fenty Beauty, Rihanna demonstrates how she uses the Pro Filter Concealer from Fenty Beauty to cover up undereye bags and make herself look gorgeous. Concealer is one of the most important steps in makeup application as the human face is never one, solid color. From freckles and blemishes to pigmentation issues, dark circles under the eyes (whether from hormones or a late-night celebrating) concealer is important for making the under-eye area appear light enough that it doesn't contrast with the rest of your face.

Concealer is often the first step in what later becomes part of highlighting and contouring the face. It is imperative to make the undereye area light as this provides the perfect canvas for two critical aspects of a completed, makeup look: the eyes and the cheeks.

Blush is important for ensuring the face looks fresh, healthy, and has a natural glow. When smiling, the top of the cheeks meet the undereye area and if there are visible dark circles in this area, it takes away from the rest of the face.

Additionally, the lower part of the eye plays another prominent role in a completed makeup look. Undereye liner and mascara can look off-putting if there are dark circles in the area. Rihanna demonstrated how she uses the concealer and her fans loved the surprise tutorial. You may see the video that Fenty Beauty shared with their 9 million Instagram followers below.

Rihanna looked fresh-faced and gorgeous in the video and many people know that in addition to your makeup, including your concealer, highlighter, and contour, the best way to look amazing is lighting. In the video, you can see that Rihanna is bathed in a soft light that makes her look even younger and her skin dewier.

Rihanna had a very good year in 2019, and is kicking off 2020 promoting her business that has become incredibly successful. Rihanna's clothing line won a 2019 British Fashion Award and it seems that Rihanna is just as dedicated to ensuring 2020 is another beautiful year for herself, her business, and her customers.


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