Rihanna Is Making Big Moves In The Fashion Industry With Fenty Label -- Will She Release Music Again?

Rihanna Is Making Big Moves In The Fashion Industry With Fenty Label -- Will She Release Music Again?
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Rihanna has announced that she is launching a new fashion line called "Fenty," which will make its first appearance in Paris soon, and she has partnered with none other than LVMH to get the job done.

Rihanna expressed a lot of excitement over the opportunity to work alongside designers of this rank and claimed that this was a special moment for her and everyone involved in the label.

She was also quite excited to reveal the label to the world officially, and the big unveiling is shaping up to be quite a dramatic event so far.

She has been active on Twitter after announcing her plans and has expressed her gratitude towards everyone who contributed to making this possible.

RiRi wrote on Twitter: "Big day for the culture. thank you Mr. Arnault for believing in this little girl from the left side of an island, and for giving me the opportunity to grow with you at @LVMH."

It is interesting to note that this is the first case where a woman has been allowed to create her own original brand at LVMH.

Rihanna is also setting a few other trends for the first time with this launch, according to reports, and all in all, it looks like she's about to break a lot of ground.

Hopefully, the launch will go through smoothly though, as some are worried that Rihanna might become a victim of her popularity with a release like this.

A lot is on the table for the performer, and given the fact that she is not primarily associated with fashion, this could be a risky move.

At the same time, if it played out correctly, it could open up a world of new opportunities for her in the near future.

One commenter replied: "Happy for her! But is this why she wasn't at the Met Gala? She's the only one I look for there cause she always kills it! Do you know where she at?"

Another follower explained: "Interesting to be reminded that all things are possible, instead of just seeing a brand. Impressive."

A third person added: "This is amazing. and I am proud of you. But sis, WHEN WILL YOU GIVE US FENTY MUSIC?"

Some experts predict that she might become a billionaire one day.

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