Rick Ross Won't Get COVID-19 Test To See His Children Reports Claim

Rick Ross Won't Get COVID-19 Test To See His Children Reports Claim
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Rick Ross and Briana Camille have been fighting in a court of law over the last few months, and now, she's reportedly gearing up to have their third child but they're no longer together. Briana had to move out of their home with their children.

Hot New Hip Hop claims that Camille went to a court of law to get Rick to take a DNA test, which he obliged. These days, the outlet reported, she wants Rick to get a coronavirus test that way he doesn't expose the virus to her children.

However, she says that the music mogul has refused to do so. On Tuesday, on the 16th of June, the Maybach Music CEO asked for permission to see his kids, and also joint legal and physical custody. Briana has said she has no problem with this.

With that said, she isn't willing to allow her man to see their kids if he hasn't tested negative for the coronavirus. Reportedly, Rick has been traveling a lot in spite of the coronavirus, and Camille doesn't want her children exposed to the virus.

Furthermore, Camille is pregnant so she's at a particular risk of experiencing complications. Bossip was the first to report that Ross didn't want to deal with Camille at all, and instead, hopes to settle all of their differences in a court of law.

Fans of Rick Ross know that this isn't the only problem he's run into in recent months. For instance, Rick Ross and 50 Cent, also known as Curtis Jackson, have been feuding for years. 50 Cent was accused of distributing a s*x tape of Rick Ross and was told he had to pay $7 million in restitution back in 2016.

But the legal battle continued, with 50 Cent filing another lawsuit, claiming that the rapper should've been deposed in the first trial. 50 Cent says he also never distributed the tape as the entertainment media mogul has claimed.

Hot New Hip Hop reported earlier this year that Rick Ross just wants to move past the dilemma.

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