Rick Ross Ordered To Take DNA Test For His Two Children

Rick Ross Ordered To Take DNA Test For His Two Children
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The entertainment mogul, Rick Ross, has been active in the media headlines a lot more over the last few months, including his legal drama with rapper, 50 Cent . However, now, he's atop of the headlines for a more personal reason.

Hot New Hip Hop reported today that the music industry mainstay is now being sued by his purported baby momma, Briana Camille. She is asking the court to demand the rapper take two DNA tests for children that may or may not belong to him.

Ironically, the birth of his two children, Berkeley and Billion, appeared to be an event Rick was tremendously proud of. The rapper posted pictures of himself holding on to them and looking like a real proud father. This emotion appears to have changed, however.

In a new lawsuit filed against Rick Ross, Briana Camille is accusing Rick of not seeing his kids over the last few months. They are very young, 2-years-old and three-years-old. Camille not only wants to get a court of law to establish paternity for the children, but she's also hoping she'll get child support payments.

Hot New Hip Hop claims Rick has been demanded to take the test by a court of law, however, if he's not the father, Camille will have to reimburse the costs of the tests. If they are his children, he has to pay for the tests and probably in the future, for the children themselves.

As it was noted above, Ross has been involved with other melodrama as well, including his ongoing beef with Curtis Jackson, more commonly known as 50 Cent, the Get Rich or Die Tryin ' rapper and Power actor.

In court documents, Rick Ross said he wanted to move past the legal squabble with 50 Cent, and had no issue with him personally, however, he argued that Curtis must really have a problem with him, although he doesn't know why.

In the past, 50 Cent claimed he wasn't a fan of Ross' work and said he had no respect for anything he has ever done throughout his career.

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