‘RHOA’ Star Cynthia Bailey Explains Why She Didn’t Have Sex On Her Wedding Night With Husband Mike Hill

‘RHOA’ Star Cynthia Bailey Explains Why She Didn’t Have Sex On Her Wedding Night With Husband Mike Hill
Credit: instagram.com @cynthiabailey

RHOA ’ Star Cynthia Bailey , 53, and Fox Sports commentator Mike Hill , 50, got married on October 10 after so many weeks of preparation, stress, and anticipation! But on their wedding night, the marriage wasn’t consummated! Why?

HollywoodLife got to talk with Cynthia, and she said “No! No!” when she was asked about the wedding night. Why didn’t Mike Hill get lucky that night?

Looking back at the wedding that was tagged #cHill, the couple and their 250 guests partied until morning. Cynthia recalls that “When we got home, we took off our clothes and we showered and we got into bed.”

But instead of consuming their wedding night, the newlyweds decided to carry on and #cHill! “We turned on Netflix and it was just kind of like, ‘Do we have to have sex?’ because we just had gotten married? Do we really have to do this right now?”

The couple decided to relax for the few hours they had left from their night. “I was like, ‘Babe. You have me for the rest of your life. Can you check me in two days? We were mentally and physically exhausted. I don’t know how someone actually has sex after they get married. You’re exhausted,” said Cynthia.

So, the exhausted duo passed out while watching TV, and it’s nothing wrong with that! “I was like a shell. I had nothing else to give. We both passed out,” added the RHOA star.

Making up for the snooze fest on their wedding night, Cynthia revealed: “but be clear, we made up for it the day after and the day after that.”


It was obvious why both Cynthia and Mike had been stressed for months before the wedding. They were trying to pull off a dreamy wedding, which had been planned months before the pandemic. The couple even considered delaying the wedding, but they finally went through with it and now the Hills are finally #cHill!


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