Republican Rockstar Kid Rock Performs At Detroit Trump Rally

Republican Rockstar Kid Rock Performs At Detroit Trump Rally
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Earlier this week, Kid Rock , the singer-songwriter, performed at a Trump rally on the 14th of September. It's no secret that Kid Rock is a supporter of the Republican Party, and so it wasn't surprising either that the rocker chose to perform in support of the incumbent president.

The Detroit performing artist joined Trump's campaign as it made a stop in Motor City, the Detroit Free Press reported, and Kid Rock took the stage before many of the politician's supporters.

Rock and the Twisted Brown Trucker band performed a four-song acoustic set shortly after a speech from Trump Junior and his girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle. Michigan was an important state for the president.

In 2016, he beat Clinton by just 10,000 votes securing his win in the electoral college.  During the rally speech, Trump Junior accused Joe Biden and the Democrats of destroying American manufacturing jobs. Trump went on to say that the idea of Biden saving the economy now after years of failure in the past was completely ludicrous.

He argued that the Democrats no longer represented the interests of the American working class anymore. More importantly, he argued was the purported fact that the party no longer represents "decent Americans."

In addition to voicing his support for the president, Kid Rock also claimed he would be retiring as a performer in 2021. On account of neck problems, Kid Rock claimed he would no longer perform because it's starting to cause damage to his body.

The performing artist went on to comment on the state of the "left-wing media," claiming that he had chosen not to do interviews and TV appearances because he didn't want to serve as their "click-bait."

Kid Rock has been in the headlines for other reasons lately, including when he had to shut the doors of one of his bars on account of COVID-19 regulations. One of the rocker's bars was not obeying social distancing orders and it was subsequently shuttered as a result.

The Tennessean newspaper claimed Kid Rock 's bar was served with a five-day ban on account of exceeding capacity earlier in the year.

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