Kid Rock's Nashville Bar Lost Its Permit Due To COVID-19 Guideline Violations

Kid Rock's Nashville Bar Lost Its Permit Due To COVID-19 Guideline Violations
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Kid Rock has run into another dilemma regarding the establishments he owns around the country. Page Six reported today that the singer-songwriter had his beer permit at his Nashville bar temporarily taken away for defying the city's coronavirus health order.

This past Saturday night, The Tennessean reported that Kid Rock's bar, Big Honky Tonk and Steakhouse was served with a five-day ban by the beer permit board after they were busted serving customers this past Saturday night.

Reportedly, the city is under phase two of the reopening plan, which means they're only allowed to serve customers at booths and tables. A photograph of the establishment posted to Instagram this past weekend showed a large crowd packed in the venue, many of which were not abiding by the government-mandated guidelines.

The bar was slapped with a citation after the director of the Metro Public Health Department, Dr. Michael Caldwell, walked into the establishment and saw the packed venue with his own eyes.

Reportedly, Kid Rock's Big Honky Tonk and Steakhouse was among four bars to receive the suspension. During a conversation with the outlet, the bar's co-owner, Steve Smith, said Nashville and the state of Tennessee had gone too far with their mandates and guidelines. He referred to the government as "communist" and claimed they're trying to put them out of business.

Smith says that he and the rest of management visited the mayor and doctors just a few weeks back and argued why bar service was safer than table service. Smith argued that the city is doing everything in their power to shut them down.

As it was noted above, this won't be the first time Kid Rock and his entertainment venues have encountered difficulty . The rocker reportedly had to leave his bar after he publicly criticized Oprah Winfrey, with many people arguing that he was a racist.

Kid Rock, while at the same bar, Honky Tonk, took the stage and said, "F*ck Oprah." Many people there reportedly accused him of being a racist.

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