Reginae Carter's Fresh Look Has Fans Praising Her - Some Say She's Better Off Without YFN Lucci

Reginae Carter's Fresh Look Has Fans Praising Her - Some Say She's Better Off Without YFN Lucci
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According to the latest rumors, Reginae Carter and YFN Lucci have broken up once again. Of course, fans are waiting to see how long will it take this time before they get back together, but for now, nothing new has been reported.

She recently shared some video featuring herself in the gym where she's training like crazy , and now she's showing fans a new look. They're here for it, and they especially love her new curly hair.

Someone told Nae, 'You are a perfect blend of both your parents ❤️ too cute.'

Another follower gushed over her natural look and said: 'The fact that you’re really THIS pretty with no makeup is amazing 😍 and that hair is the bomb!'

One commenter joked and said: 'Lucci's oldest daughter trying to act sexy on the gram looking like it’s past her bedtime for real.'

A fan defended her form body shamers and said: 'its sad people really hate you because you're confident and beautiful and it makes them madder cause their not you 😂😂 love you girl keep being you.'

Someone else praised Nae's beauty and posted: 'You are so beautiful just like your mother I love you so much ❤️💗 @colormenae @toyawright.'

Nae also let her fans know what product she's using to stay in shape:

'Since I started working on my bod & eating right I've been super conscious of what I put in body which is why it's so easy to be a #teamipartner💪🏽I started the @teamiblends 30 day detox last year and let me tell you , the results are REALL 👏🏽 Even with my routine I still struggled to drop pounds but this has honestly been a huge help. That little bloating is GONE, and my skin is glowing. Literally so easy to do.. I def recommend, use code NAE20 for 20% off ya order #thankyouteami,' Nae captioned her post.

As always, this controversial post was received with various reactions, some of the fans saying that it's not healthy at all to consume such weight loss products.

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