Reginae Carter Shows Off Her Toned Body In These Camo Pants And Impresses Fans

Reginae Carter Shows Off Her Toned Body In These Camo Pants And Impresses Fans
Credit: BET

Reginae Carter is showing off her tones body in a black top paired with some camo pants and black heels. Fans are completely impressed and they made sure to praise their favorite young lady in the comments.

'Uh, what’s harder? Life or Miss Carter? 😏' Nae captioned her post which includes more pics.

Lots of fans told her that she looks just like her mom. Someone said: 'You look just like your mother... beautiful I know you get tired of hearing that❤️❤️' and more followers agreed.

One commenter posted this: 'That’s a Grown Woman Right There Boo!!!!! Get It Nae!!! 💗' and a follower said: 'Girl u look jus like ya momma I thought this was her😍😍😍.'

Someone else posted this message: 'Just a heads up I’m stealing this caption !! 😘' and one commenter wrote: 'I really have to look at the name on it post cause idk if it’s u or @toyajohnson y’all looking just alike.'

A fan said: 'What's harder is not spending and making a life wit Ms.Carter 🤫💙' and one other follower praised the way in which Nae is posing: 'Oooooooh somebody learned them angles‼️😍'

A commenter said: 'Life is hard Miss Carter but let it all fall in Order.💯.'

Someone else also said that Nae is twinning with Toya Johnson : 'I thought you were your momma in this pic. Pretty ladies!'

In other news,  Reginae Carter shared a clip on her social media account in which she was definitely visiting a music studio. Fans were wondering whether she plans to drop some music these days.

While haters hopped in the comments to criticize her, some fans recall that she was featured on one of her dad, Lil Wayne‘s songs a while ago.


Nae is living her best life these days and a lot of her fans are wondering when she'll get a new man. She's been single for a while.

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