Reginae Carter Embarrasses Lil Wayne And Toya Johnson With This Scandalous Video

Reginae Carter Embarrasses Lil Wayne And Toya Johnson With This Scandalous Video
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It seems that Reginae Carter has a very hard time listening to her parents -- Lil Wayne and Toya Johnson -- when it comes to her on-and-off boyfriend, YFN Lucci.

A few months ago, Reginae finally found the courage to dump YFN Lucci after he humiliated her, cheated on her, and took part in the head-spinning infamous Cucumber Party.

Fans were proud of Reginae for moving on with her life, but Reginae recently angered fans by sharing a video where she is dancing to YFN Lucci's new song, "Wet," and giving him a shout-out.

One person had this reaction: "Hey, Reginae... I see you got yo clown outfit on like you always do."

This backer wrote: "Toya get your child 🗣😭❤️. This is upsetting my homegirls and me 😂, So they must be on speaking terms again, and she gone get that little heartbroken again. We all done did, but she gotta learn. It's all apart of the process.."

Another commenter said: "I know she didn't go back to being a stepmama of 12 kids 🤨Toya bet not tell her anything else!! Let her figure it out on her own. We can clearly see she want him and her step kids back. She giving me Whitney Houston 🥴Girl didn't yo momma tell you to leave that man alone?😂😂"

A fourth follower claimed: "All y'all women have that one guy you couldn't leave until you finally moved on. So shut the hell up up. 😂😂😂She can't just be dancing to his song as a friend like y'all always taking stuff too far!"

In a past interview, Toya spoke about how Lil Wayne was able to convince Reginae to move on from YFN Lucci: "The good part about it is that her dad always keeps it real, and lets her know what's going on. We all try to instill good qualities and teach our kids good values. But of course, as they get older, they tend to take their own path, and we just pray that they stay true to the good qualities that we instilled within them. And Reginae definitely makes us proud. She's independent. She's strong. She's smart, and she's not a fool. She was young and in love, and she learned, so that's a blessing."

Reginae seems to have trouble resisting the rapper.

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