Safaree Offers His Gratitude To His Ride Or Die, Erica Mena, For Her Birthday Gifts

Safaree Offers His Gratitude To His Ride Or Die, Erica Mena, For Her Birthday Gifts
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Safaree got a lot of great things for his birthday from his ride or die wife, Erica Mena . These two managed to break the Internet these days with some amazing pics that you should also check out.

Safaree made sure to offer his gratitude to his baby mama for everything. Check out what he told her:

'God blessed me for life & My birthday is every day. Forever grateful for this gift called my Wife! Side note. We aRe unfuckwitable💥💥 📸 @mr_guerra you are the best photographer on 🌍,' he said.

Someone posted: 'Happy birthday bro!!! More blessings to you fam!!' and a follower said: 'Happy Bday broski, no matter where we go from here it's a wonderful ending 👌🏿.'

A commenter said: 'A team that slays together 🙌🏾♥️ love this energy!' and someone else posted this message: 'Okay yall snapped with the photoshoot.'

One follower said: 'She’s literally perfect for you... cherish her everyday... she makes you better!'

A follower doesn't like the racy pics and said: 'Some things are for the bedroom only!!! You guys were doing good just loving each other without showing the world what you do in the bedroom. Yes, I said it.'

One other follower said: 'Happy earth strong Safaree. may God continue to bless you bro,' and someone else posted this: 'Another baby loading you two make a great couple.'

Erica Mena  is supporting her hubby like there’s no tomorrow offline and online.

Safaree has new music out , and  Erica made sure to share a sneak peek to the clip on her social media account.

This weekend, Safaree partied all day and all night for his birthday, and fans are waiting to see more pics and clips from the events.

In other news, Erica posted a fan that managed to upset some of her fans.

She told people that celebrating America for the 4th of July is canceled this year.

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