Reginae Carter Continues To Upset Tiny Harris With This Photo - Check Out What She Did

Reginae Carter Continues To Upset Tiny Harris With This Photo - Check Out What She Did
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Remember when Reginae Carter posted some new pics which made Tiny Harris comment and criticize her?

Back then, Nae's diehard fans praised both the outfit she was flaunting and Nae’s curves, but Tiny jumped in the comments to say something.

Everyone who Tiny also knows that she hated the fact that Nae was wearing a Gucci bag and everyone knows by now that the Harris family are boycotting the brand following the blackface scandal.

Tip was the first in the family to slam the brand and tell everyone that they should boycott it.

Now, Reginae does it again. It's strange that she continues to do this although she knows her loved ones are against it, and so are a lot of her fans and followers. Anyway, check out Nae's new controversial photo.

Someone commented 'Like you have enough money to not wear Gucci but you still wearing it.'

Another follower wrote 'I give you ur props of being a beautiful young lady but do you have that much Gucci that you can’t stop wearing it. You have to take a stand for something 😘'

One other follower said 'I'm wondering why she looks hella cute now. Just last year she was wearing YAKI WEAVE sew-ins with hair sticking all up n shit. Now since her and her family gotta reality show; now she doing lace fronts! Gear and fashionova n shit. You can tell she has turned hollywood, Wayne Carter should have been making sure his daughter was cute.'

Another person hated the Guggi bag and even tagged Tip in the comment: 'Gucci really. Y'all young folks will never get it.. @troubleman31.'

What do you think about the fact that Nae won't stop wearing Gucci despite everything?

Recently Gucci announced how they want to repair the damage that has been done.


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