Recent Drama Played A Huge Part In Hunter Price And Southern Charm's Kathryn Dennis Split Claims Source

Recent Drama Played A Huge Part In Hunter Price And Southern Charm's Kathryn Dennis Split Claims Source
Credit: Source: People

Kathryn Dennis seems to always be going through some tough times. The Southern Charm star has allegedly split with her boyfriend and a source is claiming that her recent drama played a huge part in it all.

Hunter Price and Kathryn started officially dating since the beginning of the year. They had something very different than she's had in her past relationships -- mainly having to do with the fact that they're both in their 20's.

Hunter was fully aware of what he was getting into when he decided to make Kathryn his girlfriend, but the pressure from her new troubles became too much for any blossoming relationship to bear.

The mother of two has been in a nasty custody battle with Thomas Ravenel for over a year now. If Kathryn wants to keep sharing custody of her children, she is subject to many different stipulations.


Not having a significant other spend the night is one rule that affected Hunter because when she violated it -- it was brought up in court.

'Hunter felt terrible that he contributed to possibly being the reason Kathryn loss rights to her children,' a source explained.

Additionally, the Bravolebrity is subject to random drug testing and it seems like Ravenel gets anyone in Kathryn's life entangled in their ongoing case.

It doesn't help that Dennis recently got into two serious car accidents that were deemed her fault. The crashes happened around the same time that the reality star's sobriety has come into question by her castmates.

To top it all off, Kathryn has to deal with the devastating loss of her mother who battled cancer for years until her passing a few weeks ago.

'Hunter was there for Kathryn in the best way he knew how but there's so much going on in her life and his career that it folded under pressure,' the insider spilled.

Do you think the two have any chance at reconciliation?


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