Rebel Wilson Wears Two-Piece Bathing Suit After Amazing Weight Loss Journey

Rebel Wilson Wears Two-Piece Bathing Suit After Amazing Weight Loss Journey
Credit: Source: Rebel Wilson/Instagram

Rebel Wilson continues to stun with her amazing weight loss . Though Rebel has long been a role model for plus-size women, she is now a role model for loving yourself at any size. And for Rebel, that size is considerably smaller than what she used to be. Fans can't stop praising the blonde beauty for her success and determination as well as her commitment to staying healthy and in shape. Rebel shared photos and videos of herself wearing a green two-piece bathing suit on her Instagram account where she has 8.1 million followers.

Rebel stood in the middle of her pool's hot tub and posed for the camera while the water bubbled around her. She shielded her face from the sun with a baseball cap and wore a pair of sunglasses to protect her eyes. Her long blonde hair fell past her shoulders as the actress and comedian showed off her curves.

Rebel didn't need to make an announcement that she was going to lose weight as people noticed from her photos and appearances that she was shedding pounds. She's been compared to Adele who also was a plus-size role model then slowly began displaying a slimmer frame. Though Adele is on the Sirtfood Diet, it is unknown what Rebel is doing to lose weight and if she is on a particular diet or not. Still, Rebel began the year by saying that 2020 would be her "year of health" and reports say she is on the Mayr diet, though it hasn't been confirmed.

She has also stated that she wants to weight about 165 pounds (US) and it seems she is nearly at her goal weight if hasn't reached it and continued losing!

Rebel has certainly worked hard since the new year and definitely looks healthy. You may see the videos of Rebel Wilson in her green bikini below.

In addition to her Instagram stories, Rebel also shared a photo on her Instagram feed with the caption, "Hot Tub Fine Machine ๐Ÿ˜‰(ps reminding you I have TWO university degrees)."

You may see that picture below.

What do you think about Rebel Wilson's commitment to health and fitness and the fact that she is now posting bikini photos on social media?


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