Rebel Wilson Is Gorgeous In A Slinky Black Dress

Rebel Wilson Is Gorgeous In A Slinky Black Dress
Credit: Source: Rebel Wilson/Instagram

Rebel Wilson is gorgeous in a slinky black dress while eating healthy ice cream. The 40-year-old blonde beauty shared several photos of herself enjoying Seascape Strawberry ice cream from Napps and fans couldn't help but notice how beautiful she looked while wearing the black attire. Rebel continues to lose weight and is living her best life with her new boyfriend Jacob Busch but she is keeping things in stride. Several times she has posted photos or videos of herself indulging in a treat but has pointed out that she now limits them.

Rebel shared the photos to her official Instagram story and she tagged the ice cream maker in the post. It is believed that Rebel has lost approximately 50 pounds since kicking off 2020 with a New Year Resolution declaring it would be her year of health.

Rebel has amazed her social media followers by not only sticking to her resolution but sharing her journey with the public every step of the way. She has 9 million Instagram followers who have found her posts to be a source of inspiration during a time when many people need it. There's no quarantine 15 for Rebel Wilson ! In fact, by sharing her own journey to health, she's indirectly encouraging others to take control of their own healthy lifestyles.

Rebel had her sensuality on full display as she raised a spoonful of the strawberry ice cream to her lips.  She shared the following caption.

I may be biased but this is the best healthy ice cream out there!

You may see the photos that Rebel Wilson shared on her official Instagram account below.

Rebel Wilson announced she is near her target goal and the year isn't even over yet! While 2020 brought with it COVID-19 and resulted in people around the world having their lives turned upside down, Rebel tackled 2020 like a pro. She set a resolution, stuck to it, and is now enjoying the fruits of her labor.

What do you think about Rebel Wilson's success? Do you find her inspirational?

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