Ray J Finally Gets Some Great News After Rumors He Cheated On Princess Love

Ray J Finally Gets Some Great News After Rumors He Cheated On Princess Love
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It looks like Ray J has picked quite the lucrative niche with his e-bike business, as recent reports indicate that his company might be worth hundreds of millions just a year or so from now.

The positive story came out just days after it was revealed that he was caught cheating, allegedly, of course.

Not many expected that the singer would strike it this big with his new venture, but it looks like he has found a lovely spot for himself on the market, all things considered.

And as can be expected, there are also reports that Ray J will continue to push hard with his business, and he has every intention to maintain his momentum as best as possible.

It is no secret that Ray J has a very entrepreneurial spirit inside of him, as the mogul has already made various successful ventures on the market throughout his career, and he has made it clear that he can do a lot more than just sing and be a reality TV star.

There was some initial controversy around his company worth $200M when it first started, but that has died down by this point, as Ray J has been very active on the legal front and has managed to squash any negative opinions of his business model.

He has recently managed to strike a brand new partnership for his business, too, and it looks like things are going quite well for him, all things considered.

There are also reports indicating that Ray J might be eyeing other markets as well, but it is probably too early to make any predictions about that, as the father of one himself has not made any such indications in general.

One fan had this to say: "Lord, I thank you for this man and in advance showing him nothing is nothing without putting you first. Lord, I ask that you set him on high and apart of his enemies. keeping his focus and in your word, amen."

This person claimed: "God is good! Congratulations, Mr. Norwood!🎉🎊🎉 Does anybody know how I can buy stock in his scooter launching? @rayj I solute you for your grind..you grind hard..much respect to your parent for how they raised you & brandy🙌🏾"

Another follower revealed: "Yo @rayj what’s up with them take the scooters off the beach 🏖🤷🏽‍♂️ how the tourists suppose to ride, that’s messing up the money for your scooters."

Ray J will have a great 2020 with the arrival of his baby boy.

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