Rasheeda Frost's Fans Can Meet Her At An Event On March 14th - Read Her Announcement

Rasheeda Frost's Fans Can Meet Her At An Event On March 14th - Read Her Announcement
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Rasheeda Frost has an exciting announcement for the fans and followers who want to meet her. On March 14th, you can meet your idol. Check out her announcement below.

'Meet me at the Girl Boss session on March 14th info at taffidollar.org you don’t want to miss it.....' Rasheeda told her fans and followers in her latest Instagram post.

Someone said 'I wish y’all could like podcast it live, or something to that effect. I live in NYC and would like to attend, but it’s too short notice to catch a flight being🤰🏾.'

Another follower gushed over Rasheeda and said 'Rasheeda you're a bad sista I just love everything about you beautiful boss, you are a flawless lady.🔥🔥😍💋'

Someone else had a few words which were addressed to both Rasheeda and her haters: 'Misery loves company !! Keep winning and don’t look back!! He who has NOT gone through something, take a seat. Because your time is coming up!! Watch and learn how to work out your problems for longevity and HAPPINESS!! 🙄'

She has recently posted a photo with Kirk Frost in which she looked amazing .

People who know Rasheeda, also know that she dropped the divorce papers after Kirk put her through hell and back because of his affair and the birth of his love child with Jasmine Washington.

Through therapy and prayer, Rasheeda proved that a relationship is forgiving and can be repaired and they are moving forward.

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