Rasheeda Frost Flaunts Her Natural Curly Hair In This Recent Video

Rasheeda Frost Flaunts Her Natural Curly Hair In This Recent Video
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Rasheeda Frost shared a video on her social media account in which she is showing fans how she is doing her messy bun. People appreciate her natural look and praised her long curly hair.

'ok so y’all keep asking how I do my messy bun... well my go to products for my natural hair are of course @mielleorganics by @exquisitemo I love the moisture rx styling gel It lays my edges down, it holds all day and it doesn’t flake which I love... my fave products... real hair don’t care #mielleorganics,' Rasheeda captioned her post.

A follower commented: 'Not a messy bun 😂😂 it's a controlled messy bun😍😍' and another Instagrammer said: 'Nah sis you just pretty that's all 😣😍 cause if I do that mine don't look like that at all.'

Someone else posted: 'Wish I had hair like that... Beautiful texture of hair.' and another fan gushed over Rasheeda's natural look.

One other follower wrote: 'Your hair so pretty. Let them wigs go. Every now and then❤️'

Someone else posted: '@rasheeda you don’t need makeup or weave. You’re absolutely stunning 😍'

A commenter told Rasheeda that she is 'Making me wanna length check so bad right now 😩😩 but this sew-in was expensive lol 😂'

A person said: 'I need to show this to my daughter who thinks she knowssss every damn thing and is always tryna tell me how to do her messy buns 🤦🏻‍♀️'

In other news, Rasheeda and her hubby, Kirk Frost, have been spending a lot of time at the Frost Bistro.

This was a dream of theirs that came true when they opened the venue, and these two can not be prouder of what they accomplished .

Their fans also praise the location, the food, and the beverages.

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