Rapper Coolio Says He's Been Using His Quarantine Time To Bond With His Granddaughter

Rapper Coolio Says He's Been Using His Quarantine Time To Bond With His Granddaughter
Credit: Source: BravoTV.com

As the world knows by now, much of the United States is finally reopening again following the onslaught of coronavirus cases throughout the nation. For months, the United States was on lockdown to thwart the spread of COVID-19, and many of the American states are finally opening at last.

Regardless, over the last few months, we've seen how many celebrities have chosen to spend their free time. From charitable donations, food drives and banks, social media web series, and more; each celebrity has had their own way of keeping themselves busy during trying times.

The rapper, Coolio, is another one, who, during a conversation with Page Six, explained what he's been up to lately. According to the 56-year-old performer, he and his granddaughter have been spending a lot more time together.

Coolio has really enjoyed it thus far. Coolio said to reporters from the outlet that he has been "chillin'" with his grandbaby. They've been getting to know each other a lot more lately. The Grammy Award-winning rapper has also been keeping up with chores.

According to the "Gangsta's Paradise" artist, he's been doing all kinds of activities to keep himself occupied, including sewing, cooking, and other miscellaneous chores around the home. Moreover, Coolio claims he's been working on movies as well as a new record.

Regarding his next performances, currently, Coolio is waiting until the 1st of August before he hits Pennsylvania. As most know, much of the entertainment industry has been shut down for extended periods of time due to the coronavirus.

Other artists have addressed his phenomenon, including French Montana, who said earlier this year that the pandemic was going to highlight the way in which many rappers may not be the greatest at fund management during trying times.

Of course, Montana was referring to the lack of incoming revenue on account of concert and festival shutdowns all over the world. At the moment, it's not entirely clear when large gatherings such as Coachella will be back in operation.

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