Rachel Lindsay Reveals The Racially Charged Social Media Hatred She Experienced

Rachel Lindsay Reveals The Racially Charged Social Media Hatred She Experienced
Credit: Source: Yahoo.com

Earlier this week, women from Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor hung out in a soundstage in LA to talk about their experiences working on the ABC reality series, The Bachelor, and they discussed more than just what happened on the set. 

According to Variety, the host of the popular series, Chris Harrison, asked Rachel Lindsay, in particular, about the social media backlash she received after she was cast as the lead on  The Bachelorette,  making her the first black woman to do so. 

Lindsay explained to the host of the show that after she was cast in the 21st season of the reality competition, people had the vilest remarks for her online, many of which were quite racially charged. 

Moreover, the reality star claims she read some of the comments that her other co-stars had received. One, in particular, wrote, "no one cares that you're a half-n*gger, Mexican b*tch." As Lindsay read the remarks which were unfortunately similar, audience members cringed. 

As fans of the popular romantic competition show know, Rachel Lindsay was the first African-American woman ever to be cast as the main star. Some people took issue with it on social media, and for that reason, Lindsay has been adamant that producers continue to introduce more diversity. 

Reported last year by Todd Malm, Rachel voiced her dissatisfaction after producers didn't use a black man as the main star. ABC revealed they were choosing to make Peter Weber as the main Bachelor, and Lindsay wasn't happy with their decision. 

Fans of the reality series, including Lindsay, took to their social media to say that they should've cast Mike Johnson instead. During a conversation with reporters from Entertainment Tonight, Lindsay explained that she was disappointed to see Weber cast as The Bachelor. 

Lindsay went on to say that The Bachelor had already cast "24 Peters" in the past, adding that she was "bored." She went on to say she was "bored," but it was nothing "personal" against Peter. As it was previously reported, Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo got married following the end of her season in 2017. 


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