R. Kelly's Teen GF Claims The R&B Star Had Plans To Murder Her

R. Kelly's Teen GF Claims The R&B Star Had Plans To Murder Her
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R. Kelly's former teenage girlfriend, Lisa Van Allen, claims he planned to murder her over a sex tape involving him urinating on an underage girl. Van Allen opened up about her relationship with Kelly on Lifetime's shocking documentary, Surviving R. Kelly .

Van Allen explained how she stole the sex tape while working with Kelly's "I Wish" music video.

Van Allen was 17 years old at the time and says Kelly had an entire bag filled with sex tapes. According to Radar Online , she watched a few of them before stumbling upon one with Kelly having sex with her and a 14-year-old girl.

The video showed Kelly peeing on the younger girl, which upset Allen tremendously.

"I came across the (tape) one with me, him and the 14-year-old," Allen shared. "When I saw it, it upset me, and I didn’t want him to have possession of the tape anymore, because I was in it."

After stealing the sex tape, Van Allen gave it to one of her friends for safe keeping. Kelly had no idea the tape was missing until it leaked to the media.

At this point, Van Allen called Kelly and admitted that she was the one who originally stole the video. She also told him that her friends would not give it back unless he put some money on the table.

Given the severity of the pee scandal, Kelly paid for the return of the tape and had everyone involved take lie detector tests to ensure there were no other copies.

Although everything sort of worked out, Van Allen later learned that Kelly thought about murdering her instead of paying for the video. It is unclear how Van Allen learned of the murder plot.

Kelly has not responded to the claims made in the docuseries . Despite all of the reports and video evidence, Kelly denies performing sexual acts with minors.

The singer was charged with possession of child pornography in 2002 but managed to get the charges dropped in 2008. R. Kelly was also accused of operating an elaborate sex cult involving underage girls, which he also denies.

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