R. Kelly Wanted Iyanla Vanzant To Fix His Life And Some Of His Women -- Here Is Her Surprising Answer

R. Kelly Wanted Iyanla Vanzant To Fix His Life And Some Of His Women -- Here Is Her Surprising Answer
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R. Kelly contacted life coach Iyanla Vanzant because he wanted to appear on her popular TV show, Iyanla Vanzant: Fix My Life .

The R&B singer and songwriter had reached out to the New Thought spiritual teacher for help for himself and some of the women who accused him of sexually assaulting them.

Iyanla did an interview where she explained that Robert Kelly does not have the prerequisites needed to appear on the show.

The inspirational speaker sat down with Candice Williams on ABC News and confessed: "He didn't meet one of the criteria that we had for guests. Are they willing? Are they ready? Do they have the capacity to do the work? He didn't have it, the emotional capacity, he just didn't have it."

Iyanla continued with: "And I knew, based on what I was looking at—the paces that I would have to take him through—it would have been brutal. He didn't have the capacity."

Iyanla went on to say that she has no plans to help the Surviving R. Kelly victims neither.

She claimed: "Stop texting me telling me to work with the survivors. What's the fix? There's no fix other than them doing their healing where they get to the place where they can recapture their worth, their innocence, their dignity to the point where they can forgive. They ain't there yet."

R. Kelly’s attorney Steven Greenberg did an interview with ABC’s Good Morning America where he defended his client against the much-talked-about Lifetime documentary.

He stated: "We know what happened, and we know those things didn’t happen. The man was not operating a harem or a sex cult or holding people hostage or anything like that."

He threw Elvis Presley under the bus for falling for Priscilla who was 14 when they met and 21 when they married.

The attorney stated that Aaliyah lied to R. Kelly about her age and added: “He was married to her when she was 15. Elvis was married to Priscilla. But so then 15 is not of the age of legal consent. Except that my understanding is that she did not claim to be 15, and in order to get married, she had to lie about her age.”

He concluded by: “The allegations aren’t true because he never knowingly had sex with an underage woman, he never forced anyone to do anything, the never held anyone captive, he never abused anyone.”

Kelly is looking for a way out of this drama.

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  • Guillermo F. Perez-Argüello
    Guillermo F. Perez-Argüello Jan 13, 2019 6:10 AM PST

    Anyone who makes comparisons with Elvis Presley meeting Priscilla on his last 5 months in Germany and falling in love with her, at her age, is delusional because the circumstances were certainly no the same. Was Kelly devastated by the recent death of the person he loved the most? No. Was he then serving 5,000 miles from home? No. Was he his country's top tax contributor? No. Was he the worlds mosr celebrated 22 year old? No. Was he so likeable a person that he became, while in Germany, not just the most famous soldier or the most photograophed person of the second half of the 20th Cantury, but the person who gave more autographs in history. He was so revered in Germany that his BMW507 is now the jewel in the crown of the world's most visited car museum. He was politically correct by only owning three cars, a VW, a Mercedes, and the BMW, all German made, but when he met Priscilla, political correctness did not apply, as the fact she was an American, like him, a member of an Armed Forces family, also stranded in Germany, and the fact he knew he was soon leaving, and she was a minor, to be extra careful with what took place in that relationship. The lawyer's caomparisons to Elvis could have well ended in the judge asking Priscilla to be subpeaned and then, what? Hasnt the lawyer read her biography, along with the other 1,234 that exist of him. She was a virgin and remained so until their marriage.

    • David Gibbs
      David Gibbs Jan 14, 2019 9:36 AM PST

      Well said and completely correct.This man has no right being named in the same breath as Elvis.

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