Nicki Minaj And Kenneth Petty Are Reportedly 'Genuinely In Love' Despite Haters

Nicki Minaj And Kenneth Petty Are Reportedly 'Genuinely In Love' Despite Haters
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Nicki Minaj had her fans and followers worried for quite a while now since she made her latest relationship public. Her new boo is Kenneth Petty, someone she used to hang out with since they were just kids.

The man has a shady past, and this made the rapper's fans freak out, but she has always defended him on social media.

An insider close to her has recently spilled the tea about Nicki's relationship to the online publication Hollywood Life, and they highlighted that fact that Nicki feels she's living in a fairytale these days.

Now, another source pops up and speaks on the same subject, saying that despite what everyone might think, these two lovebirds are 'genuinely in love.'

'Nicki and Kenneth are in that honeymoon stage where they literally can’t keep their hands off each other,' the source explained.

The same insider continued and said that 'The attraction between them is so strong you can practically see the sparks flying. And as all her Twitter fans know she’s not shy about admitting that they spend a whole lot of their time together in bed. but her relationship with Kenneth is way more than just sex; they are genuinely in love.'

Kenneth has recently got Nicki's name tattooed on his neck. It was his very first tat, and Nicki proudly showed it off on her Instagram account via a short clip.

Well, what's there left to say? If Nicki's happy, we're happy!

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