R. Kelly Takes Another L While Behind Bars, But This Time Around His Supporters Are Saying It Is A Set-Up

R. Kelly Takes Another L While Behind Bars, But This Time Around His Supporters Are Saying It Is A Set-Up
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The situation around R. Kelly and his legal problems continues to develop. After R. Kelly was granted a request to be transferred out of solitary confinement, the R&B singer/songwriter was apparently doing quite well in general population.

Recent reports indicate that his legal troubles might be growing worse though, as he has now apparently failed to appear in court for his case over sex solicitation. The crooner was scheduled to show up on Thursday but did not arrive.

As a result, an arrest warrant has been issued for R. Kelly, and this could complicate his already bizarre situation even more, given the current state of affairs around him.

Many of his fans have pointed out to the obvious -- Kelly is being treated unfairly because the court was well aware that he is currently locked up and is physically unable to show up for his hearing.

That did not seem to please the court though, which stood by its decision to issue an arrest warrant for the famous musician. It would be interesting to see how this plays out in the context of his current imprisonment.

Kelly himself has not made any statements on the situation, but his attorney seemed very confused over the court's behavior, pointing out that his client could not telepathically transport himself to another location, and it was up to the court to ensure that he was transported out to appear for his hearing.

The odd development has worked in the singer's favor because many are now voicing their support on social media.

One commenter stated: "Raise your hand if you’re struggling to keep up with #RKelly and his court dates. How in the hell he supposed to show up leave him alone all you'll freaking azz mad b/c they have nothing I repeat nothing on him love you kellz❤️❤️This is all a SETUP! They know he’s locked up! Smfh☹️🤬"

This follower explained: "It not R.Kelly fault it is Judge FBI District Attorney fault. They play with R.kelly.They try R Kelly old case. The Judge and District are given R.kelly hard time. The judge could give R.Kelly. bond. Illinois' New York and Minnesota. Try to show each other's up. Its nothing to do with R .kelly. 👑 of RNB ."

A third social media user added: "Imagine Having a warrant, and you are already in Jail 🤦🏽‍♀️😥😩😩😩😩😩😩🧐🧐 Roberttttttt Noooooo. ......Poor guy! We made the monster. Lock up everyone who spent a dime making him rich enough to Live out his Sick Fetish’s! Lock up everyone who took a payment instead of Turning him in so he could get the help he Needed !!!! 😶😶😶 Don't Ask my opinion #rkelly y’all don’t wanna hear the TRUTH."

Kelly will have to fight really hard to get back his freedom.

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