Rihanna Keeps Winning And Creating Debates Wherever She Goes And The Photos Prove It

Rihanna Keeps Winning And Creating Debates Wherever She Goes And The Photos Prove It
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Rihanna has been making some epic moves with her brands, and fans are loving them. First, the singer owned fashion week with her Savage x Fenty brand collaboration.

The diva and businesswoman delivered an excellent performance at her fashion show in front of a broad audience. She was seen in stunning black lingerie and performed alongside Cara Delevingne.

Hassan Jameel’s girlfriend’s performance immediately turned many heads in the audience and drew serious attention to the stage.

It looks like the move was planned out quite well too because most responses have been very positive. The sheer attire was topped off with diamonds, and she rocked a pair of sexy black boots.

It was a great mix of fashion and music, and Rihanna managed to blend the two very successfully.

Other performers also managed to compliment her appearance on stage quite well, and she was able to captivate her audience in a way only she can.

The overall show has been praised for the quality of its performances and overall presentation, and it looks like Rihanna might have a billion-dollar future ahead of her thanks to her fashion brand.

Many suspected that the singer might be planning something special soon such hair products and skincare.

Things have been working out quite well for her in that sector, though, and it is clear that Rihanna has a variety of gifts that she has been utilizing to her full potential.

This alone has drawn her a lot of praise from her fans and supporters.

The Internet is still applauding Rihanna for her powerful speech.

One fan said: “Not only does she represent for Black Women. She puts other Black Women on. Not just in word, but indeed. Her mission is so big. All of you acting as if people who are mixed with black aren’t black is aggy. What if she was like these other colorists and tried to deny her blackness and furthermore her future child’s? All of you do too much. Rihanna is black. If her child is mixed, they’ll be mixed with black, making them black also. We need to stop dividing each other; it’s not cohesive for our collective.
I came from a black woman, and I’m going to give birth to a black woman PERIOD!”

Another commenter stated: “You can’t deny or dismiss who she is. She is right, just because her man is Middle Eastern doesn’t make her any difference of who she is. She is Black period; she is not trying to be anything other herself and respecting her values as a black woman. You go, girl !! Those Arabic men, most of them are my African brothers, so love who loves you back no matter who they are or where they come from. Love has no color or boundaries.”

RiRi is a real force in the fashion industry.

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