R. Kelly Is Set To Spend More Time Behind Bars After Getting This Bad News -- Admirers Still Have His Back

R. Kelly Is Set To Spend More Time Behind Bars After Getting This Bad News -- Admirers Still Have His Back
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Recent information reveals that the Chicago trial against the disgraced R&B star, R. Kelly, will not be happening until October this year due to the fact that federal agents have discovered some new potentially incriminating piece of evidence against the famous singer.

The "I Believe I Can Fly" performer appeared on Thursday for his latest hearing at a Chicago courthouse and maintained his plea of being innocent to all of the 13 federal charges he is currently battling.

During the court hearing, prosecutor Angel Krull remarked there was a possibility that the singer might be held responsible for taking advantage of "yet another victim," who might come forward in the near future.

In the meantime, it was revealed that after a recent investigation of a suburban Chicago storage facility, which was regularly used by Kelly, that authorities had discovered a hidden cache of numerous electronic devices, such as hard drives, smartphones, and iPads, that all allegedly belonged to the musician.

According to one of Kelly's legal defenders, Steve Greenberg, it wasn't likely for authorities to find anything incriminating on the seized devices.

Following the discovery of the hidden cache, it was decided that the Chicago trial against the R&B crooner should be delayed so investigators could inspect the content of the electronic devices thoroughly.

As a result, the federal trial is currently scheduled to take place on October 13, instead of April 27.

One person had this reaction: "Everyone is turning and flipping when the Feds arrived on the scene....too bad it took all this time and why CPD didn't enforce it as well is still beyond me..."

This social media user wrote: "This sh*t is ridiculous. Why do they keep pushing his trail back unless they know others are going to come forward."

Another backer stated: "I think because they have to give him a fair trial, they added more charges, so they have to give his people time to prepare."

This critic shared: "This guy deserves a lifetime jail. There are other R&B singers out there just as good as him. stop enabling him, R kelly fans."

Meanwhile, it was reported that Kelly was not short on fans during the hearing, as multiple admirers of the disgraced musician were present in court on Thursday to have his back.

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