Tamar Braxton Throws Massive Shade At Loni Love For Saying This About Her

Tamar Braxton Throws Massive Shade At Loni Love For Saying This About Her
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Tamar Braxton and her former friend and colleague, Loni Love, have been going back and forth for several years now about the very public firing from The Real .

The singer and reality star quickly blamed Loni for her brutal exit from the talk show, but Loni had denied the claims and blamed Tamar's ex-husband, Vincent Herbert, for the exit.

Most recently, Loni's former friend and writer -- Cookie Hull -- said she played a part in the firing.

Talking to Madame Noire, Loni was asked by the reporter: "I don't know if you want to talk about this or not—but Cookie Hull recently did an interview with Comedy Hype and she made some claims that it was you who wrote an e-mail to get Tamar fired and you wanted to be the only 'ghetto' Black girl on the show. You addressed it a little bit on The Real but didn't say her name. So I wanted to know what you thought about that."

Loni responded by: "I do have thoughts about that that I addressed in my book. But I will say this, anybody that knows me, knows that I will not describe myself as a ghetto girl. I wouldn't describe Tamar Braxton as a ghetto girl. I might say that we believe in the power of being ourselves. But ghetto girl?! I would never do that. And also, there's a lesson in this. When you try to help people, you have to watch who you help. I've never been against any Black woman. My fans know that. That's the reason why I wrote this book. When you read the book, you will see. I've been trying to get the truth out for years. But here, we deal with this reality show type [mentality]. I do address that in my book."

In the following tweet, Tamar responded by throwing shades:

One person had the following to say: "Really, though, why does Loni keep calling Tamar's name? She knows Tamar is not feeling her, and it's a little unnecessary IMO."

Another commenter claimed: "It's not subliminal if you know who shes talking about. It's obvious who's on who y'all payroll, though."

This backer wrote: "I can't believe that in 2020 this is still a topic of discussion. I wish they would just move on from this."

This "feud" might go on for a while.

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  • Victoria Williams
    Victoria Williams Mar 17, 2020 9:16 PM PDT

    Although my first thought was Loni but to say they all may have had something to do with Tamar's getting fired. I think that Loni was singled out because they have similar personalities. But as much as I love Tamara, she's the brains and has been in this business for years. Jennie is just a pound in the middle desparate for multi-cultuale friendship.But Andrian is Ms. Brooklyn SLICK and think that she was an hugh part in think. She is very mulipative it shows always talking over the other women and trying to stand out. It was mentioned in an episode month's ago in a nice way. Think about it people Loni was not solo in this as smart as Loni is In my opinion she was simply manipulated because they knew that everyone would look towards Loni. Piece and Blessings ladies let's just do what God had Blessed all of you to do. ENTERTAIN.

  • Gloria J. Lee
    Gloria J. Lee Mar 16, 2020 3:45 PM PDT

    I think all of the girls had something to do with Tamar's termination it was a group effort I really don't think it was Loni if you really look at the real and when Tamar's name is mentioned notice who the attention is focused on and who takes off I'm just saying the least one you would expect look closely you'll figure it out ok

  • Dee
    Dee Mar 16, 2020 8:51 AM PDT

    Tamar is her own worse enemy. First, her demeanor is plastic. She thought she was the show. Wrong! Loni did not relive the issue, so she should stop throwing shade. Stop being the victim and move on. Its over.

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