R. Kelly And His Ex-Wife Have Fought Over Money For The Last Ten Years New Court Documents Reveal

R. Kelly And His Ex-Wife Have Fought Over Money For The Last Ten Years New Court Documents Reveal
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According to a report from Page Six, the embattled R & B legend, Robert Kelly, has been fighting with Andrea Kelly in the court system ever since they first split up approximately 10 years ago. As part of their agreement, Andrea received around $30k per month claims the publication.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that ever since their divorce was finalized ten years ago in 2009, just one year after he was exonerated, the two have been battling in the court system over money. In documents unsealed this past Monday, details of Kelly's financial issues are on center-display.

According to the outlet, the star was demanded by the court system to pay Andrea, his ex-wife, and the mother of three of his kids, approximately $30,000 per month. $10,000 of the monthly payment was considered as "maintenance," which was supposed to last all the way until January of this year.

However, the "maintenance" portion of the monthly fee was dropped by the court when Andrea got married again in 2013. Kelly has repeatedly fought in a court of law to have the payments dropped on account of his struggling music career.

In a filing from several years ago, Kelly and his attornies stated his career has decreased on a number of fronts in the last few years, including album sales and performances, so he could no longer afford to pay such exorbitant fees.

Andrea, in 2014, fought against Kelly again, stating that her ex-husband was simply hiding his money. She filed subpoenas for his royalty payments as well as records of paying taxes to discover his total net worth. Andrea's lawyers said in the court documents that Kelly had gone to significant lengths to hide his assets.

In response, Kelly and his attornies-at-law stated that he had a "tax liability of over $ 7 million." Six years ago in 2013, the singer had to pay back approximately $113,000 in child support. Moreover, he had to pay his ex-wife around $1.48 million.

As it was previously reported, Kelly is slated to appear in a Chicago federal court today on a 13-count indictment for obstruction of justice among other charges. Kelly is accused of creating pornographic videotapes with young girls. He's facing other charges in Brooklyn, New York, as well.

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