Queen Elizabeth Shocks Fans When She's Spotted Without A Seatbelt

Queen Elizabeth Shocks Fans When She's Spotted Without A Seatbelt
Credit: Source: NYPost.com

According to Us Weekly, Queen Elizabeth the Second was spotted in the driver's seat of a vehicle recently without a seatbelt, just a day after her husband, Prince Philip, was injured in a car crash.

The 92-year-old Queen was out for a drive on the 18th of January, Friday, in which she was photographed by reporters who later published the photos in The Daily Mail.

A spokesperson speaking on the behalf of the Buckingham Palace said to Us Weekly in a statement that the 97-year-old Duke of Edinburgh was not hurt at all in the incident which took place on the 17th of January, Thursday.

Reported by BBC News, the outlet claims he was pulling out of a driveway in his Land Rover and onto the A149 road before being struck by another vehicle. Witnesses at the scene said to the publication the vehicle flipped over and Philip was clearly nervous and shocked.

There was a 28-year-old woman driving the other vehicle along with her 45-year-old passenger and a baby in the back. Both were treated for cuts on the knee as well as broken wrist, respectively. They were taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King's Lynn.

Both women were let out of the hospital, while the 9-month-old baby boy was thankfully not injured. The Queen is actually the only person allowed to drive without a license, and she first learned while helping out in the Second World War efforts.

Previously, Dickie Arbiter, her ex-press secretary said to reporters from Us Weekly that she definitely has a "heavy right foot," but overall, she's quite a "safe and cautious" driver. Arbiter went on to say that the Queen would never tell her husband to quit driving. She wouldn't even suggest something like that.

On Friday, Princess Anne became a bit irritated when reporters asked her about her father's accident and how it left his health. The royal family member said she had "no idea." The 68-year-old said to the press that she was in the same position as all the rest.

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