Former Dancer Wade Robson Claims Michael Jackson Repeatedly Raped Him For Several Years

Former Dancer Wade Robson Claims Michael Jackson Repeatedly Raped Him For Several Years
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According to a report from Radar Online, the dancer, Wade Robson, is now accusing Michael Jackson of child-rape years after he denied the allegations in a court of law. In a new documentary, Wade says explicitly that he was raped for "seven years" by the legendary King Of Pop.

This month, his claims will be aired in the documentary titled, Leaving Neverland , which will be at the Sundance Film Festival. Thus far, Jackson's family and representatives of his million dollar estate say all of the allegations are false, describing Wade as a "scam artist."

In the past, Wade had sued Jackson for $1.6 billion. However, in 2005, Robson testified under oath that the deceased singer had never touched him inappropriately, or abused him in any way during their time together. In 2016, Robson filed a lawsuit against Jackson's estate, stating that he was raped repeatedly from the ages of 7 until 14.

However, the court and judge dismissed the case due to the fact that the singer's estate couldn't be held accountable for the accusations made by Robson. The 36-year-old star first gained notoriety when Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears broke up.

Reportedly, Timberlake wrote the hit song, "Cry Me A River," due to Britney cheating on him with Wade Robson. Now, Michael Jackson's family is super upset that the new documentary is airing at Sundance Film Festival, and will later hit the air on HBO's network sometime this year.

As it was reported previously, this all comes on the heels of the widely-watched and talked about, Surviving R. Kelly, aired on Lifetime, which has seen a precipitous impact on Mr. Kelly's career. Even his record label, Sony, abandoned their partnership with the embattled artist.

People in the industry, including John Legend, Chance The Rapper, Chrissy Teigen, and former co-workers with Kelly, claim he has been abusing and taking advantage of young women for years. The docu-series also featured interviews with the alleged victims themselves.

Thus far, no charges have been laid against R. Kelly, and police have visited his houses a couple of times since the allegations reared their head yet again. It's unclear at the moment if charges will ever be laid. Both R. Kelly and Michael Jackson were exonerated for their alleged crimes.

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