Princess Charlotte Wants A Pony For Christmas — Royal Great Grandaughter Takes After Queen Elizabeth

Princess Charlotte Wants A Pony For Christmas — Royal Great Grandaughter Takes After Queen Elizabeth
Credit: Source: Kensington Royal/Instagram

Princess Charlotte wants a pony for Christmas and the news isn't very surprising to those who know Queen Elizabeth's passion for horses. At four-years-old, Princess Charlotte is said to be obsessed with the animals and wants to ride horses just like her great-grandmother does. Queen Elizabeth has astonished many worldwide as at 93-years-old, she still goes horseback riding. According to a new report by the Daily Mail, Princess Charlotte may find herself waiting a bit before getting her pony as Prince William is a bit concerned regarding the safety of the matter.

A report in Closer Magazine expounded on the subject and a source stated the following.

"Charlotte takes after Queen Elizabeth and is obsessed with horses. 'She's asked for a pony, but might have to wait until next year because William thinks she's too young.'"

The report continued to discuss Prince George, who is six-years-old, and reportedly a sports enthusiast. It's unclear exactly what the royal children will receive for Christmas but many are hoping that Princess Charlotte receives her pony under the condition that she only rides under close supervision.

You may see more on the report below.

Princess Charlotte is growing quickly and many can't believe she has already started school with big brother Prince George. She seems to have a very outgoing personality and is regularly smiling at the camera when getting her picture taken. She's been seen waving to crowds when the royal family is attending events and she's already a little fashionista, under her mother Kate Middleton's guidance.

Every outfit that Kate Middleton showcases for Princess Charlotte goes viral and typically sells out.

It seems Princess Charlotte's outgoing personality may extend to musical theater as well. According to the latest reports, Princess Charlotte loves musicals and enjoys entertaining her family at home.

Maybe there will be plenty of musicals on Princess Charlotte's Christmas gift list as well.

What do you think about Princess Charlotte's love for horses and wish for a Christmas pony? Do you think Prince William and Kate Middleton are correct in being apprehensive? Is four-years-old too young for a pony? Are you looking forward to hearing what the royal children will receive for Christmas?


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