Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Are Not Wanted Back In The UK As Royals, According To New Poll

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Are Not Wanted Back In The UK As Royals, According To New Poll
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Citizens in the United Kingdom are not interested in seeing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle return as royals, according to a new poll. The biggest reason that the majority of respondents have a negative opinion of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is because of their response to COVID-19.

According to the Newsweek poll, more people said their impressions of Harry and Meghan worsened due to the pandemic, and 54 percent responded by saying the couple should not return to their duties as senior royals. Twenty-eight percent of participants thought that they should return, while 18 percent said they didn’t know.

The outlet conducted the poll online and asked 1,500 Britons how the response to the novel coronavirus had changed their views of different members of the royal family. When they were asked about Markle, 20 percent said their view became more positive and 36 percent said their view became more negative.

When it comes to Prince Harry, 19 percent of respondents said their view was better, while 33 percent said their view of him was worse. Other numbers from the polling include the 18-34 age group, who revealed that their support of Harry and Meghan has actually improved, but their numbers didn’t come close to the approval for other senior royals.

Redfield & Wilton Strategies conducted the survey, and it took place at a time when Queen Elizabeth was giving a historical speech on television and William and Kate were conducting video chats to carry out their royal duties.

However, the poll was conducted before it was revealed that Harry and Meghan had been secretly working with Project Angel Food to deliver meals to those in need in Los Angeles. Page Six reported that the couple has volunteered “a few times,” and it has resulted in an uptick of donations for the organization.

Harry and Meghan moved to Los Angeles last month after officially stepping down as senior royals on March 31st. They are currently in a one-year review period, which means that if the arrangement isn’t working, Harry and Meghan’s plans to be independent of the royal family could change and they could be working royals again in 2021.


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