Prince And Sheila E Were Allegedly Not On Good Terms At Time Of His Death -- Does This Explain Apollonia Feud?

Prince And Sheila E Were Allegedly Not On Good Terms At Time Of His Death -- Does This Explain Apollonia Feud?
Credit: Source: Ultimate Prince

Sheila E and Apollonia reheated a decades-old feud recently. A new report could have the answers as to why the women who were affiliated with Prince are still at odds.

According to blogger Love B. Scott, the artist sent cease and desist letters to Sheila all the way up until his untimely passing.

The blogger reports: 'The truth is Prince did not speak to Sheila E the last few years before he died. She had published a memoir and he was upset at her for talking about him in it. From that date on, he was done with her. The claims she was his fiancée etc. — all lies. His girlfriend was Susannah at the time and then he married Mayte. He was sending cease and desist letters to Sheila right up until he died. Sheila was considered his enemy.'

The source went on to say: 'When Prince died, [Sheila] thought no one knew about that and made up all this stuff. She came out as his supposed ‘closest friend’ when, in actuality,  the only people he dealt with past 5 years of his life were his most current band —  3rd Eye Girl & Judith Hill. They’re nowhere to be seen in any tribute because Sheila blocked them. She blocked his last band he worked with! Sheila is trying to rewrite history.'


Recently, Sheila performed on a tribute special for Prince.

Not long after, Apollonia wrote a scathing Facebook post about her rival spreading 'continuous lies' about her relationship with the late singer.

Apollonia wrote, in part: 'You can’t continue to fool our Prince fans any longer. Because I AM here to tell you, it’s over. Time for the truth. My memoirs will reveal all that Prince revealed to me. Painful for me because I was your friend. I helped you raise $$$ My wealthy friends asked me : Where are the music schools?$!? None exist! FKN tragic because I believed you.'

Do you believe that Sheila is using her former association with Prince to stay relevant?

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