Prince's Estate Releases Handwritten Note On 'Intolerance' On What Would've Been His 62nd Birthday

Prince's Estate Releases Handwritten Note On 'Intolerance' On What Would've Been His 62nd Birthday
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On what would've been his 62nd birthday, the estate of the legendary performer, Prince, released a handwritten note in which the artist addressed "intolerance." Of course, this all comes at a time when much of the Western world is seeing protests regarding the death of George Floyd by the Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin.

The Hollywood Reporter picked up on the post today in which Prince stated that the ugliest thing in the world was "intolerance," regardless of who it's coming from or who it's directed too. Reportedly, the note has been hidden in archives for years.

As it was previously reported, Prince died in his Minneapolis home in 2017 at the age of 57. His estate wrote that the artist spent much of his life fighting back against injustice and advocating for "black excellence." As most know, many artists and entertainers have joined forces in the fight against racism.

Prince joins the ranks of stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio and John Boyega in support of the protestors. Earlier today, it was reported that John Boyega, the Star Wars alum, took to his social media to thank his fans and supporters following his impactful Black Lives Matter speech in London, United Kingdom.

Leonardo DiCaprio, as well, used his Instagram platform to say he was committed to learning, reflecting, and taking action, for the sake of black Americans all over the country. The Academy Award winner also revealed he would be donating a large sum of money to a number of pro-black organizations.

Fans of Prince know that he died from an opioid overdose back in 2017. The drug that killed him was fentanyl, meant to look like the generic version of the painkiller medication, Vicodin. It's currently unclear how Prince got the drug.

On the 19th of April, 2019, the Carver County Attorney announced that there would be no criminal charges laid against anyone involved in the death of the iconic performer. After the coroner ruled on his death, his remains were cremated.

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