President Joe Biden Is The Second Catholic To Hold Highest Office, Follows John F. Kennedy

President Joe Biden Is The Second Catholic To Hold Highest Office, Follows John F. Kennedy
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President Joe Biden continues to make history with his administration. He is the oldest person to be seated in the nation's highest office. He is also the second Catholic in U.S. history to become president. The first was John F. Kennedy. A devout Catholic, Joe Biden regularly attends mass and was seen attending mass with leaders of Congress the morning before the inauguration. Even on the campaign trail, Joe Biden made frequent stops to attend mass and interacts with other churches as well. When Joe Biden swore in on January 20, 2021, he placed his hand upon his family's 127-year-old Bible.

Joe Biden may be considered more progressive in his ways of thinking as he has stood for marriage equality and abortion rights, but make no mistake about it. He is a devout Catholic and his faith in God is extremely important to him.

This is one of the areas that has caused confusion with some of Donald Trump's supporters who praised the previous administration for their stance on faith-based issues. Many who were caught up in conspiracy theories were concerned that a Biden administration would see an end to faith in America. That simply isn't the case.

Though the possibility of an atheist president who would like to revoke certain privileges associated with freedom of religion may one day be a reality, President Joe Biden simply isn't that man — nor is anyone in Congress.

Some expressed surprise on social media when President Joe Biden quoted Scripture and offered a prayer during his Inaugural address.

Billy Graham's son Franklin Graham was concerned about the administration's stance on religious freedom, but his fears were seemingly assuaged when he received confirmation from a member of the Biden team. Still, Franklin Graham is encouraging all Christians to pray for the Biden administration.

You may see a report about Joe Biden's Catholic faith and him being the second Catholic president in the history of the United States below.

What do you think about President Joe Biden being the second Catholic president in United States history? Have you had your own worries or concerns about religious freedom under the Biden administration?

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