Pregnant Chloe Sevigny Addresses New York Restriction On Delivery Room Visitors - 'It's Distressing'

Pregnant Chloe Sevigny Addresses New York Restriction On Delivery Room Visitors - 'It's Distressing'
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Chloe Sevigny, who's getting ready to have her first baby, recently took to her Instagram to express her feelings toward the recently created rules regarding hospital deliveries in the state of New York.

Page Six reported on the actress' comment today in which she addressed the city's ban on allowing partners in the delivery room with pregnant women about to give birth.

In a statement, the New York-Presbyterian hospital explained their awareness of the challenge this brings pregnant women, however, it was done out of necessity to thwart the spread of the coronavirus in the state.

Governor Andrew Cuomo, during a press conference today, explained that New York has easily been hit the hardest out of any other American state. The city currently has over 25,000 cases, making it far beyond what other states are going through, including California and Washington. Mid-western and southern states have far fewer cases.

The hospital's statement claimed that people could communicate through other means, like FaceTime, Skype, or a traditional phone call. Fans of the actress know that she's due to give birth next month. The actress said on her account, "I hope all expecting families are finding some calm."

According to Page Six, the Boy's Don't Cry actress is having her first baby with her boyfriend, Sinisa Mackovic, the director of the Karma Art Gallery in the same city in which they live, New York City.

Another star who's pregnant amid the coronavirus crisis is Katy Perry, who's gearing up to have her first child with fiancé, Orlando Bloom, the Lord of the Rings alum. Katy and Orlando revealed her pregnancy in one of her most recent music videos.

On her social media account today, Katy Perry uploaded an Instagram GIF in which she advertised a pair of her new shoes. The star said in the caption that during "these trying times," she's so thankful to have her puppy, who also happens to have an Instagram account.

Katy is due to give birth later this year, although, it's not clear when because she hasn't revealed a precise date.

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