Porsha Williams Makes This Confession After Being Tear-Gassed During George Floyd Protest By Atlanta Police Officers

Porsha Williams Makes This Confession After Being Tear-Gassed During George Floyd Protest By Atlanta Police Officers
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Porsha Williams comes from a family of civil rights leaders, and she has been on the front lines with thousands of protesters who are demanding justice after the shocking death of George Floyd.

The reality TV star recently marched in the streets of Atlanta with thousands of peaceful protesters, and many were hit with tear gas.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, who was with a group of friends and family members, was struck by the tear gas that was launched by police officers.

Porsha appeared in a video where she is seen running to safety after getting tear-gassed, and screams could be heard in the background.

The 38-year-old media personality shared her traumatic experience in a new interview with PEOPLE magazine.

She stated: "It was devastating to feel like I was out there trying to stand with my people, stand with our allies, and help them raise a message of hope and to be silenced and not able to breathe because of the gas bomb that was thrown."

Porsha went on to explain: "It won't stop. Anybody who is out there now and they feel like they can't move forward because of the mistreatment [by] the police and what they're doing to us … I would say to them, stay focused on the cause. We are looking to get justice for George Floyd."

Porsha continued by saying: "Right now, I am pushing through with a heavy heart for everyone, for the people who live in this country, for my brothers and sisters. I'm searching for answers, and the same unrest that's going on in our country is going on within me to find a way to be most effective in this movement for Black Lives Matter."

Porsha also made this confession -- despite the danger, and she will continue to protest because she finds it to be "beautiful."

She revealed: "What I experience being on the frontline with them is a very beautiful thing. The energy of the people is very much one mind, one mission, and one goal, and that is to stand side by side, locked in arms, locked in heart, and to use every breath we have to demand justice for George Floyd and for the other victims of police brutality."

One fan repled: "Best RH of all time!!!! You're the only one that went out expressed yourself and supported your community. nothing but love and respect for you miss Porscha. Porsha, please be safe...Praying for you and your husband in Jesus Name!!!πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’—πŸ’―"

Another commenter stated: "This president is a joke how are you going to instruct these people to shoot tear-gas on these people, and they're not doing anything this is crazyπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎStay Safe You're doing a Great Service It's In Your DNA 🧬 At Least you are Out There, unlike Others !!!!"

This person wrote: "Porsha, stay home! Use your voice on the media.

Porsha is unique in the reality TV landscape.

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