Phaedra Parks Starts Seeing Results With Her Weight Loss Product And Shares This With Fans

Phaedra Parks Starts Seeing Results With Her Weight Loss Product And Shares This With Fans
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Phaedra Parks addressed her weight loss journey on her social media account, and she made sure to show fans her results as well. Check out the post that she shared on her IG account below.

'#ad I have to give it to you @flattummyco... I've been loving my results with my shake program but I heard there's only a limited supply left, so I'm stocking up... You should too!' Phaedra captioned her post.

As always, people don't completely trust the product, especially since Phaedra did not drink it in front of the camera.

Someone said: 'It would have been nice if, you actually drank it😊' and another follower said: 'I love Phaedra but she gets me every time lol 😂 she ain’t even fake a sip lol 😂 that was funny.'

Someone else wrote: 'Phaedra get that peach girl! We miss you!' and a commenter said: 'Yass Miss P, also can you to do a little tour of your new house.'

One other follower posted this: 'I'm actually going to try it because I don't want any soy in my products. And I'm trying to really get better... men need flattery too @phaedraparks. They definitely have the right sponsor because I trust you more than those so-called workout gurus. I know you're a celebrity but I also know you're a down to earth human being, a good mom, and you're truthful so I trust what you say above other people. Plus I know you would pull no punches if it was nasty, lol.'

Another fan said: 'But you didn’t let us see you drink it @phaedraparks. Who knows if you really drink it hun... #paidsponsor,' and someone else posted this: '@phaedraparks you are drop-dead sexy gorgeous my sista! Us black sistas shooooo be fine.'

Other than this, Phaedra shared an emotional message about the family of Rashard Brooks. She said that she had the honor to serve his family.

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