Phaedra Parks Shared A Message For Her Dad That Impressed Fans

Phaedra Parks Shared A Message For Her Dad That Impressed Fans
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Phaedra Parks wrote a message for her dad in order to celebrate Father's Day. Check out the photo and message that she shared on social media in order to mark this important event.

'With so much darkness looming, #dad #thankyou for being a beacon of #light 👑 #happyfathersday 📸 : Prince Ayden,' Phaedra captioned her post.

Someone asked: 'Where’s 1st born? Happy Father’s Day to your Dad!!!' and Phaedra responded that 'he's the photographer.'

Another follower posted this message: 'Nice, you three looks just alike and Happy Father's Day to your dad.'

A fan exclaimed: 'Happy Blessed Father's Day to your dad!' and someone else said: 'Happy Father’s Day to your dad @phaedraparks he looks like the gentleman who starred on Magnum PI with Tom Selleck! Is there any relation?'

An Instagrammer posted this: 'Such a lovely picture of your father @phaedraparks. I see a resemblance between your dad and prince Ayden. Happy Father's Day to him,' and a commenter said: 'Happy fathers day to ur dad hope he has a lovely day hope ur all well keep safe follow me plz.'

Someone else wrote: 'awww you guys look so good❗️❤️ happy father’s day to your father!' and a commenter said: 'Thank God for good present and active dads.'

It's also worth noting that shared an emotional message in which she’s telling fans and followers why she’s going so hard fo black men.

‘When people ask me why I go so hard for #black #men and #boys my #answer is- my two #sons, my two #brothers and my #dad. When I see how hard they #work, #love, and try to do more for me and our #family it propels me to speak up for every black man and boy,’ Phaedra began her message.

We recommend that you head over to the original post and check out the entire message that had fans in awe.

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