Phaedra Parks Addresses BLM And Breonna Taylor

Phaedra Parks Addresses BLM And Breonna Taylor
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Phaedra Parks shared a message on her social media account in which she's addressing BLM and Breonna Taylor, telling her fans and followers that she hasn't forgotten about the issue.

'We didn’t forget #KY ✊🏿✊🏽✊🏾 #breonnataylor #blm #blacklivesmatter. #blackwomenmatter 👑 #sayhername 😘@kendrakenshay,' Phaedra wrote.

Someone commented: 'Big case in Toronto today! Judge has been reading the verdict since 9:30 and only half way through. Hoping for justice for Dafonte Miller!!'

Another commenter said: 'This is so sad this could have been anyone of us minding our own busy in our home.'

Someone else wrote: 'Breonna Taylor! Elijah McClain! George Floyd! They should be alive with their families! You are wearing cameras and you still commit a murder? Something just ain’t right! Cold-Blooded Murders Must Stop! Perhaps police officers should have a 2-4 year degree? It makes me so sad to see this over and over. God Help Us! No Justice! No Peace! Protect our families and especially our children.'

A follower posted this message: 'I remember us at the last Million Man March. The Minister said that,' and another follower said: 'We love and respect you Queen. You’ve always done the work before and after the cameras.'

One other Instagrammer posted: 'God Bless You’ll justice is prayers and prayers is justice we will win this time,' and one other fan said: '@phaedraparks This made me cry so hard #powerful thank you for sharing.'

In other news, Phaedra wrote a message for her dad in order to celebrate Father’s Day. You should check out the photo and message that she shared on social media in order to mark this important event.

It’s also worth noting that she shared an emotional message in which she’s telling fans and followers why she’s going so hard fo black men. Fans praised her in the comments and made sure to send her love.

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